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cSociety is a FREE chrome extension that adds a chat window to your netfix prime video Apple TV disney disney disney disney disney disney disney page enabling you to chat to others all around the world who are watching the same show/movie, with our unique "Watch Together" feature. You can also enter any genre themed room based on what you like or what you're watching, & connect with others.

cSociety is the only way to #Quarantine&Chill

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*ONLY available on Chrome browsers on desktop or laptop computers.

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How it Works


Click on the Install button above. Once you are redirected to the Chrome Web store, click ‘Add to Chrome’ to finish installing cSociety.


Open Netflix/Amazon Prime/ Apple TV+/ Disney+ on your browser. Choose any show/movie and start playing the video. The cSociety extension will load automatically (No need to click the icon on your browser!), sign in using the guest OR registered user login – You can sign up for a free account here


You’ll be redirected to the lobby where you can click & enter any genre chat room and engage with other users. Our unique ‘Watch Together’ feature will allow you to connect with and chat with other users who are watching the same show/movie via dedicated chat

Getting Started...

All the things you need to know for the full cSociety experience


Enter different genre chat rooms
& interact with others


You can mention users using “@user” and this will display
the message to the user with a yellow border to get their attention


You can also “dm@user” and only you and the user can see the private message which will be highlighted in a white message bubble – a great feature for 1-on-1 chatting with privacy


You can click on username to view their profile (Bio, Favourite genres & a live URL link to what they’re currently watching on any platform) OR You can flag their message as inappropriate which will be picked up by our admins


Minimize the extension for convenience


“If you are a registered user, you can update your profile from the members area of your cSociety account through our online (desktop) portal

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